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Natural Order

Natural Order

According to Material and Spiritual Scientists,
UN-Ordered Unstructured Unified Quantum field has unlimited potential for manifestation based on mathematical laws of probability but it has none freewill to express itself,

When the field is infused with Natural Order by Conscious Being, then space-time-energy-matter-information arise in structured form from Unified Quantum Field.

As the order

(unified field/foundations -> 
diversity/variation ->
 structure/function/process/logic -> 
relation/connections ->
 -> meaning/purpose/values ->
 universal outlook/wide-long-term view ->
 cosmic consciousness -> 
unity consciousness)
 imposed (or infused by the Lord - And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground [unified-quantum-field], and breathed into his nostrils the breath of जीवन [consciousness]; and man became a living soul. Genesis 2:7 ) on manifested increases , so does it’s State of consciousness and freewill to express itself,
God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. - Genesis 1:27
And humans became Conscious Being

But if the freewill is align in direction of object referral (if manifestation sees and expresses itself as separate from others and the environment), the order itself regresses so does freewill and State of consciousness,

But if the freewill is align in direction of unity-self-referral (if manifestation sees and expresses itself as part of and inseparable from others and the environment - like brain and heart are separate organs, brain cannot do the function of heart and heart cannot do the function of brain, but both work in harmony for the body to exist), the order rises and so does freewill and State of 

At the highest State of 
consciousness, soul is in perfect order and infinite will , united with Holy Spirit, that it does not require manifestation to express itself, although the cycle of manifestation will continue endlessly.

Entropy - Disorder and Order

Left without attention and Care and Attention,
Entropy of manifestation from Unified Quantum Field increases - Law of Thermodynamics,
The Natural Order and freewill increases with Attention and entropy decreases,
The Natural Order and freewill decreases in unaware state and entropy increases,
All Things will move from Disorder to Order with attention.

Freedom - Awareness - Responsibility

Freewill does not exist when a person 
   (even a machine without sensors for awareness) is unaware of
Present (Here Now) situation and/or does not want to or 
unable to take responsibility for the present and current (Here Now) situation.

    Freewill only increases when awareness of present (Here Now) situation
    and responsibility (of avoiding high risk / proactively facing situation / but not
    reacting) increases (may be person or machine)

Friedrich Nietzsche about his opinion on freewill does not exist 
has to taken in context of ages and times that he lived,
The age of Fredrick Nietzsche was age of Bipolar Thinking of either COMPLETE FREEWILL based on ATTACHMENTS to an IDEOLOGY, STRUCTURE, CONNECTIONS, FOUNDATIONS, MENTOR SHIP or ZERO FREEWILL based on LIVING without ATTACHMENTS to any IDEOLOGY 

Hence question emerged whether humans are machines or whether machines (including computers) are Aware and Conscious.

It is counter-intuitive that growing through firm physical, mental, emotional foundation, diversity, discipline, connections, knowledge, morality is true freedom and freewill increases and without which person is at the mercy of outer circumstances hence freewill decreases

Intellect Process

Minds Association only to Manifestation is
cause of Experience of Duality,

Minds Association only to Process of Manifestation is
cause of Cycle of Attachment and Possibility of Evolution,

Minds Association only to Source of Manifestation (HolySpirit) is
Experience of Joy and Pure Potential and
Experience of Unity,

Mind’s Intention wanders between these three associations,

Experience of Joy is better than 
Cycle of Attachment than Experience of Duality,

But until Experience of Pure Potentiality can be reached,
Possibility of Evolution through Raise of Consciousness is worth trying

Natural Education 

Unity Consciousness  depends on Cosmic Consciousness depends on Universal Consciousness
depends on Meaning depends on Learning depends on Harmony depends on
Structure depends on Diversity depends on Foundations

Foundations : Reading, Comprehension, Speaking, Listening, Bonding, Trust
Diversity : Playgroups, Teamwork, Friendships
Structure and Processes : Sports, Leadership, Discipline Training
Harmony : Compromise and Consensus Building
Learning : Creative and Critical Thinking in Arts, Science, Maths
Meaning : Abstraction from Objective Laws of Nature to Subjective Principles, Morals, Values
Universal Consciousness : Global wide and long term perspective
Cosmic Consciousness : Personal Change impacting Global Change
Unity Consciousness: Unity of Human and Environment

Shelter And Growth
Sheltered when you're within fortress of foundations then 
diversity, power, conflict, creativity and knowledge, 
morals and values, and universal outlook are invisible
Sheltered when you're within fortress of diversity 

then power, conflict, creativity and knowledge, 
morals and values, and universal outlook are invisible
Sheltered when you're within fortress of power 

then conflict, creativity and knowledge, 
morals and values, and universal outlook are invisible
Sheltered when you're within fortress of 

harmony then creativity and knowledge, 
morals and values, and universal outlook are invisible
Sheltered when you're within fortress of creativity and knowledge 

then morals and values, and universal outlook are invisible
Sheltered when you're within fortress of meaning and purpose 

then universal outlook is invisible 

Human Psychology Pyramid - Your own "Theory Of Mind"

स्वतन्त्रता Way as per Bhagavad Geeta

As strong wind can carry boat away from established material or spiritual shore, similarly any of senses can carry the mind (ego-feeling-emotion-relational-mind) from its established intellectual-logic-learning-reasoning-mind or soul-spirit-self-consciousness-witness,

Knowing that the senses-latent-memory-mind are superior to body, And the ego-feeling-emotional-relational-mind superior to senses, And the intellectual-logic-learning- reasoning-mind superior to ego-mind, And the soul-spirit-self-consciousness-witness superior to intellect, Become free of the attachment to desires of senses,
and firmly established and rooted in soul-spirit-self-consciousness-witness

Be free from duality of pair of opposites,
Be ever balanced in purity from activity and inertia when in relative state,
Be independent of attachment to perceptions, emotions, thoughts, 
Rise above the three states in meditation to transcendence when in absolute state,
Be Self aware (in meditation and otherwise always)
        (2.45) - Geeta
Be steadfast in Karma Yoga,
Perform your dharma without attachment to failure or success,
Steadfastness and evenness of mind is called Yoga,
        (2.48) - Geeta 


Imagination helps children understand and develop
their own Theory of Mind
and how to deal with all possibilities
that conversation, situation, events
with other humans would present itself.  
What is “Theory of Mind” ?
It is theory that all children develop subconsciously.
“Theory of mind" is the ability
to attribute mental states
—beliefs, intents, desires,
pretending, knowledge, etc.
—to (previous experience of)
oneself and others and to
understand that
others have beliefs, desires,
intentions, and perspectives
(based on their own personal previous experiences)
that are different from one's own.” - Wikipedia
It is your “THEORY OF MIND”
consciousness and BEING
is more important than INTELLECT
Somebody may have their own different theory of mind and harmony happens when we do not judge
each other’s theory of mind. 

(76) Jesus said, "The kingdom of the father is like a merchant who had a consignment of merchandise and who discovered a pearl. That merchant was shrewd. He sold the merchandise and bought the pearl alone for himself. You too, seek his unfailing and enduring treasure where no moth comes near to devour and no worm destroys." - Gospel of Thomas

Interpretation: Seek 
in decreasing priority.
Consciousness is art of paying attention to present moment and
State of Consciousness is the state and height of focus of attention,
Higher consciousness is vibrant जीवन and thus
helps appreciate wisdom, 
strengthen connections and grow wealth

Development Of "Theory Of Mind"

Somebody when stands-up for you then you realize importance of
consciousness and BEING,
Somebody when intellectually mentors you then you realize
importance of INTELLECT,
Somebody when emotionally consoles you then you realize
importance of EMOTIONS,
Somebody when financially helps you then you realize
importance of ACTIONS,

Empathy is Reciprocal
 If somebody has shown you empathy 
then will you know empathy
All if have shown you hate then all you know is hate

Only when there is SOMEBODY to teach you
the lessons of right जीवन
then you become TRUE HUMAN BEING


Systems success has always been the success of humankind
Humankind success has always been the success of Man
Man without responsibility only needs few bananas and milk to survive

Systems success has always been the success of womankind
Womankind success has always been the success of Man
Man without responsibility only needs few bananas and milk to survive
Systems success has always been the success of mankind
Mankind success has always been the success of Man
Man without responsibility only needs few bananas and milk to survive

Of The People - By The People - For The People - of - सर्वत्रगत सत्य

Raise of Consciousness

Source :  Eastern Body, Western Mind: 
Psychology and the Chakra System As a Path to the Self

According to Vedanta, 
the layers leading to HolySpirit (Unity Awareness) are - 
The five sheaths (pancha-kosas) are described in the Taittiriya Upanishad

From gross to fine they are:
  1. Annamaya kosha, "foodstuff" sheath (Anna)     --  Foundations And वैविध्य
  2. Pranamaya kosha, "energy" sheath (Prana/apana)  ----   Power and  सञ्ज्ञाति
  3. Manomaya kosha "mind-stuff" sheath (Manas)  ----  Creative and Meaning
  4. Vijnanamaya kosha, "wisdom" sheath (Vijnana)  ----  Universal and Cosmic Consciousness
  5. Anandamaya kosha, "bliss" sheath (Ananda)  --- Unity Consciousness

Creation of Institutions in Evolution

Institutions of Family prepares foundation 
for the children to know true from false,
Institutions of Friendship prepares student 
for teamwork without harm in diversity,
Institutions of Marriage prepares couples 
with perseverance for up and downs of life,
Institutions of Community prepares people 
for higher achievements that can never be achieved individually,
Institutions of Learning prepares learners 
for scientific inquiry and artistic expression,
Institutions of Religion prepares future generation 
to carry on useful practices as traditions,
Institutions of Caring prepares caregiver 
to learn detachment in midst of suffering and wants,
Institutions of Saints prepares followers 
to practice the art of spiritual living while actively performing worldly duties,
Institutions of Freedom prepares freedom seekers 
for discipline & responsibility required to be detached from all of above,
Institutions give purpose and value and meaning to life 
that can only be found in evolving beings.

वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम्

Jesus said उपदेशक and WE shall RECEIVE everything

Your Word is Your Bond
WE hold YOU accountable to Your Word 
World is rapidly exponentially evolving and just Intellect is incapable of handling this change,
प्रज्ञा is required to handle this change

Justice is worshiped when we need hope
Justice is feared when you hide your sins